Dear customer,

Each week we receive a high number of orders through mail and wetransfer, all files are saved together in a folder and are thus separated from their accompanying email. On Monday all files are printed, on Tuesday a covercoat is applied, and on Wednesday afternoon they are send for delivery.
To make the production process go smoothly and decrease the chances for errors, we ask your cooperation in following some guidelines.

- Files are to be provided in A3 size 28 x 42 cm max, in a file format compatible with Photoshop e.g. pdf, tiff, psd.
- Add your name, address and other relevant information in a corner of the A3 file.
- If an extra shiny glazing is desired (at the extra costs of €1,-), make a note of this by writing FLUX in all capital letters in the file.

- The file name should start with the name of the customer followed by the name of the order/project.
-  At the end of the file name the amount of prints should be noted as such: 2x (with only 1 print this can be left blank).
- If the extra shiny glazing is desired also include this in the file name as FLUX.
- If the decal is to be fused onto glass at 700 °C include this in the file name as GLAS.
- If the provided image is to be converted to ‘Delfts Blauw’ include this in the file name as DB.

For example:
Jones various images.pdf
Jones various images 3x.pdf
Jones various images FLUX 5x.pdf
Jones various images GLAS 7x.pdf
Jones various images DB 3x.pdf

Files are preferably send through to decrease the load on our mail box, given the large file sizes used. Additionally, when sending files through email it has occurred that the mail application changes the files to a lower resolution or other file formats, this occurs mainly with .jpg files while .psd and .tiff files are usually too large to send by email.